Friday, March 6, 2009

How to Manifest Your Intentions

Our thoughts are never permanently set on one particular thing. The ability to focus for a prolonged period of time is a very commendable ability that is one of the building blocks to holding an intention and eventually having it manifest.

The fact of the matter is we hardly ever finish a sentence without immediately contradicting ourselves in the same instance -think about the less-than-seconds it takes to complete a sentence, let alone a thought. Some may argue that it’s only human for our fears to interrupt the intentions we may be attempting to set, to think “I would love to make more money but (enter subsequent fear here).” However, if we are constantly saying “Thank you” and remaining forever grateful for the things and people we have already manifested into our reality, it would indeed prove difficult for any fear to break through that barrier of gratitude.

So how exactly do we manifest our intentions if every time we try to hold a thought a wave of negativity overcomes it? One approach that I still find myself doing to this day involves changing the frequency with which my thoughts occur. I know it sounds strange but bear with me.

Let’s refer to the very title of this blog, “The Attitude of Gratitude.” Assuming an attitude of gratitude is a very powerful thing that you can do in manifesting your intentions. Listing the things and people that you’re grateful for helps you in the following ways:

1. Focus

If you find that listing things and people for whom you are grateful is a daunting mental task, then feel free to do so on paper. Taking the time to go through our inventory of faces, places, and things and saying thank you to each and everyone one helps our mind tune into the frequency of gratitude and love. Attaining this focus prolongs our attention to this positive frequency.

2. Shift Frequencies

No matter what you may be feeling at any given time it is always possible to shift your frequency by changing the content of your thoughts -if you are willing to do so. While still in college I would find myself counting backwards from ten when I would encounter a stressful situation (usually a jam-packed cumulative final exam that required lots of study preparation and review). Breathing and counting allowed me to shift my frequency level from highly stressed to relaxed and focused. The same mechanism works for your gratitude list.

3. Provides Foundation for Intentions

Once you’ve felt a significant change in your frequency, in how you feel at the end of your Thank You’s, your intentions will no longer be resting upon a foundation which contradicts the very thing you are attempting to manifest. As they say in the film “The Secret,” you become a vibrational match for the intentions you are trying to manifest.

If any of you have seen the film “The Secret,” you know of the power that the words “Thank You” can evoke. In my experience, before I can even begin setting any intentions with the hope that they manifest, I tune into a very specific frequency of thoughts -this frequency, heard, read and translated by the Universe, can be happiness, love, or gratitude, frequencies that tend to make you feel good. When I think of these frequencies I usually say “Thank You” for the things and the people that help me maintain these emotions. With this working as a foundation for the intentions I wish to manifest the Universe listens and delivers that which I humbly ask for.

The Law of Attraction is always working, which is why you have manifested the words you have just read. I am so very grateful we got to meet again, so stay tuned (into the frequency of gratitude) and remember to say “thank you!”

Thank you!


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